Witwoo the Owl


My first commission Witwoo. Created for Charlotte who requested an owl shaped doorstop.  He weighs in at just over two kilos and has some non-slip fabric on the base to help keep him in place.


A great project in a happy new home.

Willow, from Don’t Starve

Major sewing project complete!

Willow Doll from Don't Starve

I really enjoy playing this game, and I’ve found that there aren’t a lot of handmade dolls in the indie game world available, so I wanted to fill that gap with a creation of my own. I’ve got so many ideas now, I just need hours in the day to do them.


Based on the character Willow in Don’t Starve by Klei Entertainment


I spent most of my off hours over the last month putting together two prototypes made of muslin (or really the lining of some curtains), both of which look more than a little creepy.

Willow Doll from Don't Starve

Next Project: Owl Doorstop commission.


Hey there Cthulhu.

A gift for Joe, who asked me to create this for him. I had a hard time creating this guy, as I haven’t really made many plush toys, so most of the time I just have to experiment as I go along.  Time was running short and a friend suggested I look and see if others had created 3d models to see if I could reverse engineer them, and in the process I found a paper-craft Cthulhu that I could adapt to fit my needs.

Early prototyping with the mountain of scrap fabric lying around.

Some instagram progress shots.

Lording it up.

Devious fellows.

 When I finally got going, it only took a couple of days to get him all constructed and sewn up. I do hope he enjoys wreaking terror in his new home in California.

Sketches and sketchcrawls

Since its been like MONTHS since i’ve posted anything, i’ll do a big doodle dump.


First a batch of sketches from the sketchmeets of the 22th and 28th of January.

Statue in the Ashmolean museum. 22 Jan

Egyptian room, Ashmolean museum. 28th Jan

Egyptian statue and some sort of sheep pot, 28 Jan.

Founder statue of Walter and a Secretary Bird at the Natural History Museum.

Wooden telescope designed by William Hershel, History of Science Museum, 28 Jan

And just some lunch time sketches to keep the mind moving.